What Does a Caffeine Headache Feel Like

As most of us are aware, caffeine is a widespread drug that plays a major part in our modern society. Having to do a nine to five job increases our necessity for a little extra kick in the early hours of the day, and caffeine is just the perfect solution for it. Truth be told, scientific research has shown that a moderate intake of caffeine (less than 500mg, or 5 cups) can be beneficial for our health and productivity, however, ironically enough, the same substance that is used for curing headaches can become the trigger of exactly the same problem.

First, let us try to understand the physiological process behind a caffeine induced headache. One of the most common reasons for suffering from this particular problem is withdrawal. For whatever reason, if you skip your body’s highly needed daily dosage, there is an increased risk of suffering from a caffeine headache. Caffeine actually narrows down the blood vessels which surround your brain, and if you stop feeding it to your body, those same vessels begin to expand, which can be a very painful process. So, a reasonable advice would be to have a regular coffee consuming habit in order to prevent experiencing aforementioned issues.

Most of us keen coffee drinkers that have not yet experienced this problem ask the same question, what does a caffeine headache feel like? Usually, the sharp pain starts behind your eyes and slowly continues to build towards the front of the forehead, further developing. As a result, some people even experience migraines, but most of us will end up with moderately painful headaches.

One additional thing that can increase the possibility of having a headache is an uneven caffeine consumption. No matter how much caffeine you consume on a regular basis, even the smallest reduction in your intake can cause severe problems.

Depending on which type of caffeine induced headache you are suffering from, solutions are rather different. If you start having a headache that is caused by caffeine withdrawal, the best thing you could possibly do is consume more caffeine. But, if your goal is to detox your body from caffeine, and you experience caffeine headaches, some of the following might help:

  • Having a decent nap.
  • Drinking a lot of water.
  • Avoiding food and medication that are rich in caffeine.

According to Treatheadaches.com, always try to evaluate just what was your caffeine consumption for the day and try to match it with your regular intake, thus preventing a caffeine headache from arising.