New York: The Best Place to Shop in the World 

Shopping is one that excites everybody. From fashion to food there is that one place you prefer all the time. You have a list of favorite places where you buy these items and never change it because you fear that you might miss something be it quality or fun. All this happens in and around your own place. Now taking it to a broader level, what if you are leaving the borders of your homeland only to shop, where would you choose to land?    

It is everybody’s dream to shop around the world and get the best from its cradle point. But what if you can get all the best things in one place that would be crazy right? That’s what we are going to talk about.    

Shopping in the streets of New York:   

Shopping in the streets of New York 

Ever had the experience of walking in the streets of New York? They are wide awake even during the ungodly hours of the day.  You have to watch every step, fearing you might stamp someone. As far as New York is concerned, there is no distinction between busy hours and small hours, because people are always busy. ‘The whole city is an outdoor shopping mall’, someone said. You get to see some complex anywhere you turn, where people are busy buying.   

Where to go?   

Bergdorf Goodman: 

If you are looking for old fashioned products and vintage antiques then the right place is Bergdorf Goodman. The best designer pieces are available here. There are exclusive shops for both men and women. After more than 30 years of its existence, the mall was renovated and redesigned recently.   


This is where the fashion lovers of the world gather. The prices are pretty much less when compared to other places. Even the designer pieces are available under $200. The items there are available in both traditional and contemporary patterns.   

In support of:   

The name is a little weird for the ones who haven’t heard of it before. As the name pretty much self-explains this place shares a portion of its profit to different charitable institutions. In support of, has goods that are locally made like Apice, Nikki, Chasin among others. They also emphasis more on eco-friendly products.   

Barneys New York Downtown: 

It is one place where you can get everything. Designer clothes, shoes, accessories and beauty products and most of them are exclusive ones for this location. It has an inbuilt eatery where you can drink and snack. The best part is, if you own their app then you are digitally connected with them. The app sends notifications of the products that might interest you.   

ABC Carpets & Home: 

For the all the moms and designer women, if there is one place in the whole of the New York to get furniture and kitchen wares then it is ABC Carpets & Homes. It truly has a large collection of jewelry and other antiques.

Though we promised 5 best places where you can shop, we can’t resist the temptation to add this to the list after seeing what we found out.   

 Strand Bookstore: 

1 out of every 5 people on earth read books and a fair amount of that reading class will visit New York. Then, you shouldn’t find it difficult to know where a bookstore this. This bookstore has the best collection of books old and new ones alike.